After declaring „Rather than turn the fifth film I cut my veins,“ the British actor apparently having second thoughts, as evidenced by the words given on the occasion of the festival of the weekly New Yorker. „I have the best job in the world doing Bond, there is no other work as well. I love this job, I enjoy madly to do so and if I can continue to have fun, do it again.“ Statements which are showing more than a hope for all supporters of Craig, eager to see him in the role of Agent 007 in the upcoming film.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall indispensable offer – Over the last year were made several names on its substitutes, by Idris Elba Tom Hiddleston, but the producers have indicated that Craig remains the „absolute favorite.“ And just to convince him they put on the plate 150 million dollars to shoot the next two films. Figures monster, especially when compared to the three million and a half that the British actor had earned lowering the first time in the role of James Bond in Casino Royale.

Figures that eventually they would retrace his steps … Look at the super car 007 Specter in action Gasport

March 21, 2019 – Milan’s Cristiano Ronaldo elation after Juventus v Atletico Madrid. ANSA The Uefa decided. For Ronaldo 20,000 euro fine after rude gesture at the end of Juventus-Atletico Madrid match valid for the knockout stages of the Champions League. In recent days it was also aired the possibility that the Portuguese would encounter in a disqualification, thus skipping the first leg of quarterfinals against Ajax.

Instead CR7 will be seen that the measure Uefa was only their economic nature as it was for Simeon, fined for what happened in the first leg at Wanda Metropolitano. Champions Juve Atletico 3-0: Ronaldo indulges in a rude gesture VIOLATION – The disciplinary committee of UEFA, responsible for deciding the case, has found a violation of Article 11 in the matter, which concerns the „offensive conduct“ and that „brings discredit to the football and Uefa itself.“ Instead abuses which have occurred was not a violation of Article 15, which concerns the „provocative conduct in the field.“ Juve will be in Amsterdam scene to challenge Ajax Wednesday, April 10 while the return is scheduled for Tuesday, April 16. Win the semifinals, with Cristiano Ronaldo in his place. Gasport © reserved reproduction write your comments

December 22, 2018 – Milan 3Tre surprises: the success, the slalom World Cup, a complication of serious errors Austrian Hirscher and Norway Kristoffersen, first and second after the first run, go to the Swiss Daniel Yule before the Austrians Marci Schwarz (from 34/100) and Michael Matt (50). The Company, however, carries the signature of reviving Giuliano Razzoli, starting with bib no.

69 and already 10th after the first run, after three years of physical problems, close to a splendid 5th place (1 „08). Emotion – „Given the n. start – says the blue moved to RaiSport microphones – needed a esploit and thanks to a great track, I realized. I felt good, loaded from this place and by the recent European Cup podium.

Son had three tough years, but I have always believed, I and a few friends. Overcome the injuries, I knew I could go back to where I was before. The road is still long, there will be work, but the satisfaction is huge now.

I gave everything to get back to this point. “ Skiing, World Cup: with Blardone on the wall of 3-Three, reconnaissance is creepy OTHER BLUES – Bravo is also Manfred Moellg sixth at 1 „09 (only 1/100 of Razzoli). Italy, with Alex Vinatzer out in the second round after the good eighth place in the first (out like Stephen Gross), inserted between the first thirty Simon Maunberger, 20th Gasport

March 7, 2019 – Milan Beauty soap and water and an overwhelming sympathy. The friend that you would like at your side more than the beautiful thirties who has enchanted millions of Italians on the big screen. Actress, wag (married with Alberto Aquilani, but do not call it that!), Mom and more: Michela Quattrociocche tells unfiltered and open heart. Since the prank phone calls to the passion for karaoke, up to social commitment in favor of adoptions by homosexual couples.

Better get comfortable before you dive into the colorful world of Michela.  Michela Michela Quattrociocche Quattrociocche with Alberto Aquilani Alberto Aquilani What is your relationship with the sport? „I’m a girl sporty enough. As a child I was riding, now I train almost every day in the gym, it’s my way to dump me.

I like tennis, snowboarding, volleyball and golf. “ By the way, it was the godmother of the Roma Golf Open, but it is true that Aquilani was keen to green because of him? „All true! We were on vacation in Punta Ala and I insisted to go play: Alberto had fun and became very good. He has a unique talent for sports, it’s good in all those practice. Even in the course he passed me.

Challenge him? At first we played together, then he beat me so stop. It is odious (laughter, ed.). “ So many sports, but football? „Zero. I never liked it…“.

Alberto failed to appassionarla? „I sympathize for Roma because in between my family and Alberto are all yellow and red, but I do not even watch the games. I am bored. I do not know nothing about football, I’ve done some fool in the stadium … „. She strikes up being much sun and little diva.

You always see in this sketch? „I do not like there at all costs. Even on social I do not like too much the photos posing. I try to know the real me: for example public pictures while cooking, simple „things.

How he copes in the kitchen? „I do not believe anyone, but they are really good as a cook. Specialty? The pesto and tiramisu „. She and Alberto are a little mundane couple. „I love the simplicity. When I go out with my group, I do the same things as when I was 18: bowling and karaoke „. Favorite singer? „Max Pezzali!

In his songs there is a piece of my adolescence. Now he and his wife have become our friends, but for me remains the soundtrack with which I grew up. “ The hit that never fails in its playlist? „My song and Alberto greatest gift Tiziano Ferro“. She has been incredibly successful with movies Sorry, If I Love You and I’m sorry but I want to marry. After more than 10 years, do you remember? „The carelessness of those years.

Me them are enjoyed those two films. I had so much fun on the set, but I have lived all over lightly, as if it were a game. “ At his side Raoul Bova. „It was a beautiful friendship, now we got a bit ‚we lost sight of. Anecdotes? I love to make prank phone calls or hide things.

Here, he’s like me. You can not imagine how many we have combined the set. We were all crazy … „. Do you miss the set? „Yup. In recent years I have taken a break to follow Alberto and grow the girls (Aurora and Diamond, ed.). Now we returned to live in Rome and I’m ready to go.

Something is happening … „. What role would you like to play? „I love comedy, I find in my comfort zone but I would also measure myself with something more committed, that tells Rome and suburbs.“ Choose a male partner and a female. „Carlo Verdone, is my hero! It would be a dream to work with him.

As a woman I say Chiatti, in this world it is rare that arise deep and lasting friendships, but she’s one of my closest friends. “ Let the family: Mom is Michela Quattrociocche? „I am not apprehensive and I leave full freedom in expressing the girls. I encourage you to try everything: Aurora and Diamond are very polite and serene, I am a young and successful mother. Alberto?

He like Daddy loves itching ears, the spoils a lot. “ Twelve-year love affair with Alberto as he has conquered? „With the simplicity and its tenacity. His best friend shot a scene with me in Sorry, If I Love You and he came on set purpose to know me, but I was terrible at the time. I do not believe in love at first sight and gave him zero confidence, but he continued to look for me.

He played in Rome and had the women who threw themselves at his feet, but he insisted each time that we saw as we were in the same company … „. And she? „I do nothing: for 7 months I have not given him miss the phone number. Ground floor though the feeling grew, and one day, when I was in Ischia for a prize, I caught up with friends. A dinner made me find a rose in his chair.

We spent all night talking, but we did not exchange even a kiss.